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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Post Season Blues...Nah!

When your season ends, and we have had two really nice runs the last couple of years, you feel many things. You may be happy about the run, you may be upset about the loss and how the season ended, but once it's all over, I tend to feel lost almost like wandering aimlessly.

If you think about it, basketball conditioning starts in October, full out practice in late November and then games also all the way through March. When the season ends it is a relief that the grind of practice is over. Yes, I said grind of practice. Practice after December gets tedious to me, lots of coaches love practice, I love the games.

But once your season is over, you can follow the state tournament and the NCAA tournament, but it isn't the same. You feel that you have lost something and you have, your regular routine. So you turn back into being around for your wife and kids and sometimes you think that you are less busy when basketball season is going on because you are running around so much. It makes me appreciate how wonderful my wife is during basketball season.

But when you have dealt with real loss, it isn't really depression, it isn't the "blues", it's just the loss of a routine that is so intertwined with your life that you can forget who you are sometimes. And who are we? We're husbands and fathers, wives and mothers, and its something that we should embrace because that's where our legacy's will truly lie.