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Thursday, April 9, 2015

I Have No Words...Yet Here You Go

Are we getting less intelligent every day in western society? We have access to the known history of the world in most of our pockets. We have information that it might take days or weeks to get access to 20 years ago at our fingertips. Yet, are we researching answers less relying on Google's first option as our answer? Do we phrase questions on Google so that the answer we want automatically comes up?

It seems that as we seem to get smarter, we are actually growing less informed. If we read some smart aleck meme that was superficially researched by someone with a presupposition, that's the answer to my question or doubt.

It is amazing to me that anyone who is surrounded by anything and has questions will listen to the first person they think is smart because they are saying something that makes their life easier. The level of ignorance is escalating (uninformed).

Social media + opinion = expert.  People are posting opinions that are not completely formed (even though they think it is) on social media, then friends who know less than the poster is liking and commenting. I've been guilty of it a few times and am trying to research more before I post. Also, I try not to jump to conclusions and try to realize that even some of the worst human beings on social media are human beings with feelings.

But what do I know? I could be just as bad as the rest of us and probably worse.