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Friday, September 26, 2014

I Can Rest When I Die

I have sat around the last two years and have seen my two children get good coaching in their respective sports.  But I know that I have some skills and gifts that can enhance that.  I've decided to coach them.  I have done it here and there, but nothing crazy like I am about to partake in.  I've decided that I will be coaching them whenever I can, no more just sitting on the sideline knowing that I can help, and continue to help with the boys' basketball program at Silver Creek.  My son does a lot of stuff through that so it's like double dipping.

Will that run me ragged?  Of course.  I told someone the other day my schedule coaching both of them in multiple sports and was told I would get burned out.  Probably.  But it will not be long from now when they are gone and I will have wished I did more.  I will look back and think or wonder if I could have helped them grow, not just athletically, but also mentally through toughness.  I will try it for a couple years and see how it goes, but I just don't think I will hang it up with them.  I am an older father of 44 with a 9 and 6 year old.  I already see that they are growing up and away from me.  I already understand that I probably only have a few years more for them before they are making decisions on their own away from the guiding hand of their parents.

Will I get burned out?  What else would I do?  Sit on the sideline and be frustrated because I know that I could help?  Wonder in a few years where I went wrong?  I would rather be wrong by being too involved in a good/positive way than be wrong because I wasn't there for them.