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Monday, January 20, 2014


I am not going to lie, when I saw this last night live, I laughed and figured Twitter would blow up.  It did.  But there have been many comments made over this post game interview.

IU assistant men's basketball coach tweeted to the effect that when you put a microphone in the face of an angry competitor who just made the game saving play, you just might get something different than you thought was coming.  Hence, look at Erin Andrews' response.  It caught her off guard a little.  As a coach, there were many times that after a game, win or lose, if a camera had been put in my face, I would have said something crazy.  In fact, some would say I did that anyway.

But, you've got to do better.  You've got to try.  He is representing more than just himself, he is representing the Seahawks organization and Stanford University where he attended.  He is representing so many people, you've got to do better.

With that said...back off the guy.  He was excited, apparently some guys on the other team had talked "trash" before the game, and he was celebrating in the fact that he won, that his team won.  Besides, it was quite entertaining.