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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Feed the Post

When it comes to offense, I don't care at what level getting the ball into the lane is the absolute best thing you can do.  There is a reason you are only allowed 3 seconds in that rectangle next to the basket and that's because it's a dangerous place for the defense to allow the basketball.

You must get the ball into that rectangle.  One great way is to drive the middle.  When this is done,  you can get a great shot, but any help that occurs will leave someone else open whether it be on the wing or on the block.  If that doesn't get someone open enough for the shot, what it does is get the defense playing catch up and can possibly create another shot within two passes.

But, in my opinion, the best thing to do is pass the ball into the post or on the block.  When the ball is passed into the post, the post can score, the passer can dive or relocate, the post player can pass to the opposite elbow and then follow his pass, or any other amount of things that can be done.  Statistics will show that the best 3 point shots come from reversals and inside out and not just settling for open 3'.  Also, you will get so many more free throw attempts and one statistic I have always wanted and liked is to be able to hit more free throws than your opponents attempted.

Yet, especially in high school, players have a hard time passing the ball into the post.  I have been told that a post player must be open 10 times to get it 3.  Why is that?  Players may not know how to pass into the post or they could be afraid of making a turnover when doing so. 

What we have to do as coaches in teach how to pass into the post (for me, all post passes should be above the shoulders or below the waist...easier to catch), we must teach how to move after the pass is made into the post, and we must allow players to experiment during practice to see what will be successful and what will not be. 

Finally, show practice and games on tape to your team.  It is has been my experience that a lot of times players have no idea what you are talking about until they see it for themselves and the only way to do so is watching game film.