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Friday, November 4, 2011

"Rocky Top Will Always Be...."

I went to a men's exhibition basketball game last night in Knoxville and the song Rocky Top....I have gone to a UT men's basketball game and a football game and they love that song. Over and over and over and over it is played.

It was Tennessee vs. Carson Newman.  I went with Robby Speer the director of Sports Reach which is involved in sports ministry.  Going with Robby allowed for me to use a media press pass.  If you have never experienced it, it is unbelievable for a sports fan.  They feed you, you get free stuff, and you get to sit close to the game.

It was interesting to watch the game so close.  You get to see how big and quick some of these guys are as opposed to sitting higher on watching on t.v.  However, I do believe that UT is going to struggle this year, but what do I know...?  One of UT's players, however, went on a mission trip with Sports Reach this past May to China.  Skyler McBee, what a wonderful young man.  Robby went up to him and spoke before the game and introduced me and he was wonderful then I watch him as he shot around and many people came up to him to speak.  He treated everyone with respect and as if they were his best friend putting smiles on everyone who encountered him.

If you get a chance, check out Sports Reach's website and consider giving to them, they are doing great work and can always use the help.