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Monday, November 7, 2016

I'm Pro-Life

As a Christian, I am trying to live my life from a biblical worldview standpoint. I often feel that in the US, we have an American Christian worldview and that, I believe, is not how Jesus would want us to see the world.

Pro-life as a biblical worldview is for the unborn. It's for refugees from Syria and northern Iraq. It's for the justly imprisoned for both them and their victims. It's wanting and fighting for cheaper/easier adoptions.

It's for helping orphans and widows. It's caring for the sick and elderly until the end of their lives.

It is not limited to borders, believers, or the deserved.

It is not limited to race, culture, gender or experience.

God loves each of us, created each of us, sent his son to die for each of us.

For you and the person who has done you wrong.

For you and people that are non-white in foreign countries.

For you and serial killers.

For you and ISIS.

For you and all other sinners...all of us.

Christianity is so much more than our little country church made up of people similar to me. And it is so much more than the hip, cool church where I can go and hide and be entertained.

The church is all of us non-believers doing what we were called to do, share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

I'm not perfect and my family and friends can tell you quickly of my shortcomings in my actions, but my beliefs must align with the Bible and I must strive to reach them.

I'm trying to live in such a way that I have to answer to my children and wife in this life and to my make in the next.

And I can say with zero hesitation, that I'm not perfect by any means...but I'm trying.