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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Divided We Stand

It is amazing how divided this country is.

It probably has been that way, but social media has either made it worse or pulled back the curtain to reveal it.

Whether it is race relations, religion, presidential politics, school boards, relationships, etc. we rarely in large amounts agree on anything. Sure, we have those on our "team" that have our backs, but when it comes to getting along, we just can't compromise.

"I'm right! You're wrong! And if you disagree with me, you're a bad, bad person maybe even some word that ends in i..s..t."

And in this world where we have access to the Internet, we can always, and I mean always, find some info, some data that will agree with what I believe making it seem justifiable to have my beliefs.

Even numbers, items that shouldn't be able to be manipulated or looked at different doesn't work. Because I can find some group of numbers that support me.

And the lack of knowledge of anything past the last few years only compounds the problem. People post online what they "heard" or what they were told by someone or even create their own stories from what they just feel in their gut is right about the past.

Even thought it's wrong.

Or is it?

Sigh....I long for the days where opinions were often kept to ourselves or shared in the local barber shop and never got any further than that.

I have often said that social media + opinion =  expert in our country today.

And it just isn't so.

To be an expert and share your opinion, you have to have your own blog. (That last line is completely sarcastic in acknowledging my hypocrisy of criticizing social media through an online outlet)

Now...what was I talking about and how can I express my opinion as fact?!!!