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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Three Rules for a Discussion or Debate

1. Reflect on your beliefs.
2. Don't cherry pick.
3. Don't compare apples to oranges.

1. Reflect on your beliefs. Why do you believe the way you do? Have you looked at the argument from both sides? Have you tried to understand why the other side believes the way they do? Why then don't they come up with the same conclusion as you? Be ready to answer their critiques of your side, know what they are and have logical, reasonable answers ready for them. Also, be able to concede a fair point so you are seen more credible.

2, Don't cherry pick. It is very easy to pick out one or two issues that you think will help you "win" a discussion, but don't cherry pick. It makes you look uneducated and you lose credibility. If you do use those issue, don't use the same old party lines, be able to support without using what everyone else uses.

3. Don't compare apples to oranges. If you do this, it is a quick way to turn off the other side from listening. Use correct analogies, especially those that are used by the other side in defending a point they have that is similar to the one being discussed.