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Monday, August 18, 2014

"Helping" with Football

Charlestown's former Coach Jason Hawkins is now the head football coach at Silver Creek.  His record with the Pirates was quite impressive and his coming here has added a new level of excitement to the program.  He has done a wonderful job reaching out to people in the community and one of them was me.

He asked me to be "on the staff", but really, I don't feel comfortable with that.  He wants me around for a couple of different reasons, but I think it is to be some kind of influence on the sideline.  Hopefully a positive one.  I know coaching, I have done it for 25 years in one sport or another.  When I say I know coaching, I mean that I know kids, I know how to deal with them, and I know how to be in charge.

In dealing with the kids, I think I need to be positive about what is going on; on the field.  If things are going well, great, they may not be for a specific individual.  Things may not be going well for the team, and it is important to stay positive.  However, I do not think I have been called to be a pushover or someone who is going to take it easy on the players.  I will have a smile and pat on the shoulders, but I will also be ready to be honest with them.  Blunt honesty is often the best policy.

I have enjoyed the little time I have been around Coach Hawkins, his staff, and the players.  I hope that I can do something small to make the team better, but I can tell you, it won't be anything technical.  I've only played college football on Xbox.