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Thursday, September 7, 2017

Sensory Overload

Can bad events or potential bad events and the coverage of these events cause sensory overload?

And not just any type of sensory overload, but a burned out type of overload.

A burned out type of overload where you lose empathy and compassion because you are inundated with images and video over and over and over.

But not where you actually lose true empathy and compassion, but become frustrated because you know you should do something, you want to do something, but it is so overwhelming, you freeze and do nothing.

You do nothing because you don't know what to do.

You don't know what to do because you are used to taking of problems that are reasonably solved because you can control them somewhat.

These last few weeks, you can't control.

You can't control the weather.

You can't control the forest fires.

You can't control North Korea.

You can't control the suffering of the peoples involved in these events.

You can pray, but you can't control the situation through just prayer.

You can't control anything, it seems.

But more importantly, you can't control the indifference that your fellow man seems to have.

No happy or motivating ending...just an awareness of sensory overload, and the awakening by so many the last few weeks.

The world has been messed up before this.