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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Informed Ignorance

Where I live, there have been a few things going on and made worse by social media (shocking, I know).

Many, many complaints have played into stereotypes or accepted beliefs when dealing with certain issues.

The problem is that the issues are attacked from an angle that leaves out all information and some logic; it's being played out by emotion.

Because of bias or anger, people are led to believe what they want to believe and then they share that belief with others.

It's an unfortunate thing because it helps no one and even hurts those that they believe they are helping.

It is sad to say, and maybe it's because I can be arrogant, but it seems with more information comes less knowledge.

With more information, you wonder if there really are any "facts" anymore because we all can find some decent information to back up our opinion as, what we believe to be, a fact.

If you are frustrated, be frustrated at the right not blame a political institution and when you realize how far off you are stay with that story just because you are stubborn.

Admit you're wrong...and beg those you are misleading for their forgiveness because it is you that is hurting more people even under the guise of helping.

And maybe, just maybe, I am wrong, but I doubt it.