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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Security Here, Security There, Security Everywhere

We started the day off by attending church worship. It was amazing and you got to see an authentic worship, but something stood out as we entered the church area.

First, there was a gate to get into the church parking lot and security was at the gate. They checked your car and then you moved on to the parking lot.

Then right as you entered the church, security took a wand over you to make sure you weren't bringing anything harmful into the church.

Then we had regular church worship.

Later, we went to a couple of malls to pick up supplies and you had the same situation as well as at all the hotels.

Security at the gate checking your car and security at the entrance running a wand over you.

It made me wonder when will this happen to the United States?

I don't think it is a matter of if it will happen or not, but when....once we start to have consistent terrorist attacks or even the threat of them, I can see it happening.

Tomorrow, we head to Kibara, the largest slum in Africa...I'm sure I will have more to say then because we had our pre visit meeting tonight and was overwhelmed by what the adults are doing in Soweto Academy to help the situation there.