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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Day 4: Prison, Rest, and Preparation

Today, we got up and did some of the same things, but today was game day.

Many of our players had never been to a correctional facility before, but today they got their first taste.

We scrimmaged a team from Warren Correctional in Lebanon, OH...the team were prisoners, the fans were prisoners, the clock keeper and the officials were prisoners.

They had their hands full and we prevailed 97-92, but it wasn't easy.

After the game, many of the guys stayed around and talked to people serving time there and what they found are people who are so thankful that someone would come in and spend time with them.

I know they've done some bad things and made bad decisions and caused a lot of pain, but they deserve respect as human beings.

We were able to spend the evening on Lake Shawnee and eat our last meal before flying out for Nairobi.

I have no idea what wifi will be like over there and I won't get a chance to tweet or blog until probably Saturday at the earliest.

This group of guys and coaching staff have grown considerably close in a short amount of time, let's hope we can do some good.