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Friday, May 1, 2015

Parts of The World of Coaching According to Me

Yea, parts of the world of coaching according to me, this is my blog so of course I'd be somewhat narcissistic.

But what I've found especially with my children now learning different sports is that the "fun" things, the actions covered on SportsCenter and oohed and ahhed over at games are often times the things we try to teach kids not to do.

Home runs and blocked shots are accidents.

They aren't skills that most normal human beings should try to attain. They should be more occupied with taking a good swing or playing position defense, yet those two things are exciting.

And dunks...dunks, my son's favorite players are often dunkers with few skills, but they are exciting.

And those things set back coaching and parenting when it comes to teaching your kids to play.

Really, just my son, my daughter, like most girls, listens and tries to do what her coaches tell her.