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Thursday, August 7, 2014

In My Backyard

(yep, my house in this shot)
Interesting that I get into these moments where I really do not have much to write about.  I am finishing up week 2 at SC, my new school, and I am enjoying myself.  Some things are different, to be sure, but overall it is nice.  I can walk home in less than 5 minutes from work.  I have not driven my car in two days, only using a half tank in 9 days.

Last night, I came home and mowed my grass.  Then in one big circle of the school, I was able to watch the volleyball team practice, the end of football practice, the soccer players finishing up some conditioning, and some baseball workouts.

Yesterday, I had a student approach me about a Bible study.  He wanted a teacher who would supervise the class while they were participating, and that is a nice thing.  The YFCA students pray every other morning and it has grown steadily since the first day.

Lots of great things going on here and for me.  Still....I miss parts of "home".  I miss the connections that I had with some of the students, and teachers.  Those will come here and in a year or two, the students at HHS will be gone and I won't know any of them anyway, but I will still have my short walk home and my stroll to see so many great things going on in my "backyard".