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Monday, February 10, 2014

We Are Trying to Help You

In coaching, I have seen this so many times.  You take a kid out of a game because they aren't playing well, or you just feel sorry for them because they aren't playing well.  When they come to the bench, they are not happy.  Really, it is something they need to control, but it is nice to see that a player cares about something.  A lot of it comes from being a competitor and frustration, but you've got to be careful...real careful, players are treading in shallow water (I don't even know what that means).

The first reaction for a player in their anger is to take it out on the coaches, but hey, we are trying to help you.  I do think it is a defense mechanism, a way to get over the potential embarassment of how they are playing, maybe they are just frustrated with a lot of things, but don't take it out on us.  I often ask if they are mad because they are playing poorly or because it is being pointed out.  I did have to learn the hard way, doesn't all good learning come from that, that some guys were just besides themselves upset because of their failure.  I took it as disrespect to me and it was the farthest thing from that, for sure.

It is important to remember then when a player comes over to the bench when being taken out their body language SCREAMS so much.  Be careful what you are screaming in a crowded could cause a riot.  When I say riot, I mean the coach/es giving you something to really be angry about.