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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Switzerland County's "Mike Night"

If you have never driven along the Ohio River to Vevay, IN, it is a fun drive.  After going through Old downtown Madison, you drive for over 20 miles along the banks of the Ohio River.

Brandon and I arrived and were treated to great hospitality by Coach B.J. McAlister and everyone at Switzerland County, HS.  Mike McClure, a long time teacher, coach and FCA coach from Switz Co, passed away this past year.  The boys/girls varsity night was dedicated to Coaches vs. Cancer and raising money for an FCA scholarship in the name of Mike McClure.

Mike's family was there including his 93 year old father, a WWII vet, who had great stories of Mike and his time in the war.  Mike's brother Steve McClure coached at Northfield and I enjoyed listening to his stories about that time as well as Indiana basketball in general.

Steve and I both addressed the crowd (I humbly represented Southern Indiana FCA) and gold t shirts were sold with "Mike's Night" on them.  Switz Co's colors are orange and blue, but Mike was a Purdue fan, so the gold shirts were a hit.  Teaching at HHS, I felt comfortable with all of that gold in the building.

Overall, it was a wonderful night that I got to spend with my son, money was raised and a tribute was given for a great man in Mike McClure, it was a great game to watch and for the Switzerland County people, their team defeated a good Shawe Memorial team to end the night.