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Saturday, February 23, 2013

FCA Appreciation Meal for the Henryville Bus Drivers

Saturday, February 23, the Henryville FCA gave an appreciation luncheon for its bus drivers.  As many of you know who read here, and maybe you don't, an EF -4 tornado hit our town last March 2.  Our bus drivers went above and beyond that day to make sure our children were taken care of.

I think what that day did more than anything was not to highlight just the heroism from that day, but that each day we send our children off to school expecting that person driving will get them there and back.  HHS FCA truly appreciates our bus drivers!

Thanks to First Baptist church pastor, Toby Jenkins for speaking.  He as well as Principal Troy Albert and parents/grandparents Jennifer Hayes, David Hunter, and my wife above, Kristi Hunter, also thanked them for their day to day efforts.