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Monday, January 23, 2012

Big Win Saturday Night vs. Cancer

Two students recently organized our Coaches vs. Cancer game and did a wonderful job.  Savannah Booher and Spencer Whitehouse put in many hours and organized many things to help raise money for the American Cancer Society.  When the night was finished they had surpassed the amount raised from last year.

Through their efforts during our Borden vs. HHS game (attendance around 2,000 people) allowed for the two communities to raise over $900 for the fight against cancer.  Basketball games are important because so much time and effort are put into them by so many people and so many people take pride in the results.  But that result is what matters most, that we had students and two rival communities come together to help fight cancer.  I want to thank anyone from Borden who helped in the cause as it is greatly appreciated.  We will be participating later in the season at Crothersville in their Coaches vs. Cancer game.

Cancer is a disease that has touched almost every single family.  As Jim Valvano said, we should never give up in combatting that or any other disease.  Never give up.  Put things in perspective in that people and relationships matter over basketball games, fight the good fight and enjoy the games.