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Friday, February 16, 2018

I Know Nothing

I often see things too simple, I guess. I realize that not any single issue is simple that there are many complexities, but it frustrates me to see what I see are inconsistent beliefs.

Those who are pro-life for the unborn, want to do little to nothing about students being shot in schools.

Those who are pro-choice are outraged at the number of schools shootings which is much, much, much fewer than abortions per day.

The national debt is only important politically to the political party not in power.

We are offended by religion in schools, but sympathize with many issues that really don't need to belong in schools, but can't be helped.

Those that are pro-life do not fight for cheaper adoptions.

Those that are pro-life believe that criminals should be put to death.

Pro-choice people seem somewhat OK with abortion, but do not believe that hardened, heinous criminals deserve execution.

We seem to applaud pornography, which undoubtedly influences young men negatively, but want to punish men for even the smallest (and unacceptable) sexual harassments.

Men who love and admire their mothers and sisters and daughters, seem to think other women are objects.

Illegal immigration is wrong, but so are refugees it seems and yet many Americans are descendants of immigrants or refugees.

Money is what we strive to attain, but it shows over and over that the love of money does not help our situation and often makes it worse.

Our good intentions are hollow or worse, make the situation worse.

We are pro-gun, but blame gun violence on the perpetrator.

Guns don't kill anyone, the perpetrator does, but we don't seem to want to help them.

We want to help, but aren't willing to be made uncomfortable doing so.

So many on social media seem to have the answers, but do zero in volunteering for anything in which they seem to be so vocal.

I have the answer, and I believe that these types of things are made even more aware when you realize there is a "religion" of the United States and compare with our faith in Jesus. a superficial love, but a genuine love for humankind is the only thing that can save us, but unfortunately there will always be someone or some group that wants more and is willing to do whatever to attain it.

So I will get up today hug and kiss my children and wife, tell them I love them and do the best I can  raising them to be good human beings.

And I will continue to be frustrated, outraged, and sad, but continue to grow and try to be part of the solution and not part of the problem.