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Monday, December 12, 2016

The Struggle is Real (Parent of an Athlete)

I have coached sports for almost 30 years (I struggle with that truth, but hey...I'm old(er)).

Before I had children, I was not as good of a coach as I was after having children.

It changes you.

You go from coaching children in the way that you think parents should discipline their child in a certain way before you have children, to understanding a little bit more once you've created your own human being.

When I had kids, I understood, better, what parents go through with their children and I wanted to be both a coach who I would want my kids to play for but also one my players' parents would want them to play for.

Then my children go involved with sports.

And I can guarantee you that your IQ drops when it comes to your own children and playing time, discipline and other aspects that other coaches do that's part of their job.

One thing I try to hold true, though, is that I know that my IQ has dropped, that I am biased and that I'm no different from every other parent except for the awareness of my shortcomings as a parent of an athlete.

I try, but I struggle with how my kids get coached by anyone other than me.

It's not right, but I'm trying...but man oh man is it hard.

So you can imagine parents who have never coached a sport, played a sport, or who have never had to deal with parents in a position of leadership will react in similar situations.

As coaches, we need to understand that.

But still...coaches jobs are hard enough.

If you are a parent and you get angry.

Step back.

Take a breath.

And talk to the coach when you are calm.

Oh...and stay off social media with your complaints; it doesn't help all.