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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Day 44: There is Always a Flip Side

Day 44

"When one door closes, another one opens". "For every ending there is a new beginning".

These are just a couple of quotes that are pretty familiar to all people, but I wonder how often we consider this truth. There is always a flip side to any given situation. Often when you are amidst despair, you are unaware of those that may be happy. And definitely when you are ecstatic, you may be unaware of those who are down.

In dealing with athletics after every single event there is one side happy and another that is not. Especially at the end of a season or career you will see this. The other night, the team I help with won their second sectional in a row and the ecstasy felt by our team was quite visible. But, also, if you looked, you would see the agony of defeat in the other team. Now I will say that it is dependent on the quality of the opponent and how they conduct themselves in how I feel towards them in their defeat (I expect it's that way with everyone).

But it is quite interesting that in most every situation, there is a flip side. There are people that are not feeling your happiness or your depression. A few years ago a friend of mine passed away, and I can remember being upset. I remember thinking that the world should be put on hold in dealing with the mourning of this passing. Yet, when I was out in public, I noticed how everyone else continued on with their life, enjoying the moments.

There was a cruelty in coming to that realization.

I guess what I am attempting to say is that no matter how bad it can be, it will get better. You will be different, you will learn (if you are smart), and it will hurt from time to time in remembering. But it is respectful to understand and appreciate in times of good that there are those not so happy in that given moment. Maybe directly involved in your situation or somewhere else, but someone isn't feeling what you are feeling.

Be aware...that's all.

Challenge: When feeling bad, know that this too shall pass. When feeling good, appreciate how blessed you are at this given moment and help someone who is down. Reach down and pick them up.