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Friday, May 2, 2014

Road Rage

This morning it was my department's day to buy breakfast for the school's staff.  I got up early, realized I had forgotten and headed to Krispy Kreme.  After eating about 6 of them on the way to school (they were out of the oven and warm, do not judge me!), I got on the interstate to drive to school.

My speed was 75 in a 70 zone, so I guess I am admitting to breaking the law.  But when I was almost to my exit, someone flew up behind me and got so close I could not see their headlights.  I was in the process of passing a car and actually sped up, I was exceeding the speed limit, and as soon as possible I got over so this person could pass.

As they passed, I got a look that let me know they were not happy.  They cut me off, slowed down and when I started to slow down, they slammed on their brakes and then exited.  I am still pretty worked up about it because it was foolish and dangerous.

I could have gotten off at the exit and confronted the gentleman, but my father taught me two valuable things about situations like this.  One, who knows what this guy was/is going through and may look for something or someone to take his frustration out on.  And two, you do not know if he has a gun in the car. 

My anger, along with those two possibilities do not endear themselves to a positive ending.  So I got to school, put my donuts out, and came here to type this...maybe it will help.